Please remain calm

There's been a bit of negativity in here lately. There have been some
valid complaints expressed in a reasonable fashion, and there have been
some pretty generalized pot shots at Novell going on, also. The vague,
generalized negatives have increased over time.

Novell created this forum as a non-technical fun and relaxing place,
where admins could hang out, get to know one another, shoot the breeze.

So I'm going to be encouraging people to take their grievances to the
appropriate venues, and let the chat group return to being relaxing and

For your specific complaints regarding a product, please post to the
feedback link of the product page for that product. When you post to a
product page feedback, your post goes directly to the group in charge of
the product.

There's also the "Talk to a Novell Technical Services Manager" forum
here: where issues can be raised. Novell
Technical Services Managers frequent that forum.

For more general complaints, there are more general web pages where
feedback can be used. There are also corporate blogs, where views can
be expressed.

The above are the appropriate venues for grievances and raising issues.
Please take advantage of them. They are places where someone who can do
something about it is at the other end of the venue.

The NKP's and myself are volunteers. We don't work for Novell, we
aren't paid by Novell, we volunteer our time for the Novell users out
of what can best be described perhaps as terminal helpfulness.

The NKP's have done their best to forward your comments and views found
in here, but that takes away from their purpose and the reason they are
volunteers, which is to provide direct technical support to Novell
customers in the support forums.

Please stop and think about what has been said here before responding.
No one is trying to stop your ability to express yourself, the intent
is to direct it to the appropriate place or places, instead.

Your understanding in this will be appreciated.

Thank you.

Novell Community Chat Moderator
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  • On Fri, 19 Mar 2010 12:45:00 GMT, Joseph Marton
    <> wrote:

    >On Fri, 19 Mar 2010 11:58:21 0000, KeN Etter wrote:
    >>>There's also the "Talk to a Novell Technical Services Manager" forum
    >>>here: where issues can be raised. Novell
    >>>Technical Services Managers frequent that forum.

    >> Is that one supposed to be available via NNTP?

    >I do not believe so.

    Where can we ask for it to be added? I really dislike html forum
    interfaces. Much prefer my nntp client. does a server good!