I love stats

Okay - so after getting awstats working, here are top country visitors to my
site (with a disclaimer):

United States us Pages: 3550 Hits: 4371 Bandwidth: 77.16 MB
Germany de Pages: 112 Hits: 240 Bandwidth: 4.23 MB
Great Britain gb Pages: 90 Hits: 230 Bandwidth: 6.78 MB
France fr Pages: 82 Hits: 95 Bandwidth: 581.59 KB
Canada ca Pages: 58 Hits: 113 Bandwidth: 2.26 MB
New Zealand nz Pages: 44 Hits: 64 Bandwidth: 548.46 KB
Uruguay uy Pages: 41 Hits: 69 Bandwidth: 1.31 MB
Israel il Pages: 39 Hits: 82 Bandwidth: 889.17 KB
Switzerland ch Pages: 36 Hits: 53 Bandwidth: 1.59 MB
Netherlands nl Pages: 36 Hits: 131 Bandwidth: 3.19 MB

So, the disclaimer here is that the US is not as quite skewed as it seems.
2449 hits from the US are from the company that polls my system to make sure
things like website, smtp, etc. are "up". I'm going to dig around and see
if there is a way I can put this in "bots" for the future, so it doesn't
mess with my stats too much.

41 different countries. I've been tracking for 3-1/2 days.

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