SLD: Is this just a bad dream?

So this new web site has been launched for sometime now and I was told it has gotten better.  Seriously?  I have spent the last three hours attempting to find patches, serial numbers, and even how to enter a ticket, which I found out I could not do to an issue with my account.  Hey, you know, I just want to work and I typically do not have hours just to find out that the latest support pack that I need I am not even authorized for in my own account.  The last thing I want to do is vent on some poor support person who has to work in this trash all day long, but who to tell that they have just created a huge pile of garbage.  I have been working with Novell products coming on 25 years now and this is the worst I have ever seen with all of the products I have ever worked with, including the the big "O".  One would think that they would eat their own dog food before they send this crap to their customers.

  • Dude, I feel your pain, and I'm sorry you had to go through that.  I once spent a week trying to gain access to my VMware account, only to be told the problem was with another department and I would have to open a new ticket and go around the mulberry bush all over again.  HPE has canceled, closed, or mangled my support account so often that I've literally given up trying.  If I have to contact HPE, I won't do it out of shear, bloody-minded spite.  I would rather experience physical pain then give HPE one more second of my time.  Those wounds are deep.  Don't get me started on Microsoft who once told me, unironically, that my bug was "actually a feature."  The Novell-Attachmate-Micro Focus transitions have been painful, yes, but nothing like I've experienced from other vendors.  Granted, I'm enamored of OES, Zenworks, and GroupWise since I owe much of my career those products.  I'm willing to extend LOTS of grace.

  • This is the largest pile of c**p I have seen in a long time, it's basically unusable or maybe you need to go on a 5 day training course to work it out.

    I have about 30 odd 'Targets' that make little or no sense to me each time i try to get a activation code. You go through a whole pile of nonsense only to be told it will take up to two business days to send your code.

    Why in the hell did they move to this utter rubbish?