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A lot of the IDEA's that were migrated from the old IDEA portal seemed at first to have the correct users attached, but after the last migration to the 'updated' look most IDEA's seem to have lost the original poster of the idea. I was looking yesterday for some old idea's I posted, then found that for example now shows MigrationDeletedUser instead of my name.

Can this be fixed so I can find back all the stuff I've added over the years?

Thanks in advance!

  • Hi

    We apologize for this issue.  During the (massive) migration our new community technical partner recommended we reduce the very large number of users in order to reduce the issues with the migration.  It was decided to group users who had not been active in the community back to a certain date and then lump the rest into the MigrationDeletedUser account.  Unfortunately this affected some of our users who are still active or at least still visit our site and has affected you as well.  Again, we apologize.

    We are in the process of scoping out the ability to assign or select a specific user for posts on the site that will allow us to change these instances back to the original owner.  I do not have a timeframe on it at this time but hope it will be in the next several weeks.



    Chris Seamons
    OpenText Community Management
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  • Hi

    Thanks for reaching out. 

    User data is quite important: multiple product managers insisted on they use the idea's, the votes and follow up's for evaluation of product requirements. It is relevant for them to know "who" has and "why" something was requested, as that info is then also matched to "paying customers" as in what value a request may involve. Having Idea's out there that show MigratedDeletedUser easily invalidate still valid idea's and may lead to "why would we look into an idea case the user has not logged in for quite a while" situations. This really worries me. 

    A few years ago someone 'accidentally' removed my account from the system as I was switching companies and I lost a lot of history due to that as they were not able to restore the account. I've spend quite some time creating and adding info to the Idea's portal and I know quite some of my customers did that too. It's almost impossible to track back now who added what. Some things date back six years, email addresses may have changed in between etc. Hope they can restore the data. Or at least go for the previous system <accountname> <number> for not-matching accounts as that would make it easier to recognize old login names vs new/changed ones.

    Best regards, Sebastiaan