Andreas Vitz



Community Username: vitz1
Hometown:  Meppen, Germany

Software skills: ArcSight

My name is Andreas, and I work for as a consultant at ConSecur GmbH, located in Meppen, Germany

I was infected with the IT-Security-Virus by the book "the cuckoo's egg" written by Clifford Stoll.
Still one of my favorites and I still believe that Ciff introduced a lot of Security-Stuff we are using today.

I have been working with ArcSight Software-Products since 2012 and started my journey with ArcSight ESM 5.2.

I learned a lot from reading posts in the community. Many times I stumbled across solutions to my problems that were written by my colleague Volker Michels. He always had already been "there" and found a solution.  This created a "force" in me to also share my knowledge with the community and save my thoughts and solutions - not everything in ArcSight is as perfect as I wished, and so tweaks and tricks were sometimes needed to convince the software to do what I want.

After almost 7 years working with ArcSight some knowledge has faded, so I sometimes stumble across my own forum posts - in this situation I am happy that my knowledge was saved for future use - for me and others.

ArcSight Rocks!

Jessica Roth

Micro Focus Community Manager
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