Alex McHugh

over 2 years ago
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Community handle: "alexmchugh"
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Hometown: Stavanger, Norway

Software skills: [AM] Access Management, [IDM] Identity Management, [IG] Identity Goveranance, Advanced Authentication, [SSPR] End-User-Self-Administration, [Netiq] Single sign-on/simplified sign-on, [Netiq] Privieged Account Management, [Netiq] Directory Services-Active Directory, [Netiq] Security Information and Event Management

Alex is originally from the middle of nowhere in Australia, but now resides in Stavanger, Norway. Despite studying Telecommunications Engineering, Alex quickly shifted to work in IT as Unix was more interesting than fixing cell towers.

Having worked as an Identity and Access Management Consultant for the past decade, Alex is particularly passionate about this field and can normally be found hanging out in the Identity, Access and Governance forums.

Alex has a deep love of music and lives by the mantra that there are no boundaries regarding what sounds and vibrations can be considered as music.

When not working, Alex enjoys cooking delicious vegetarian dishes and baking bread.

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