Marius Iversen

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Marius' Profile: "Marius"
Home town: Utrecht Area, The Netherlands

Marius is a out-of-the box thinking engineer with a big focus on security and innovation in large enterprise environments.

Over 12 years experience in the field of IT, 6 of them which is directly related to security in categories like networking, applications, infrastructure, ethical hacking and automation.

Some of the biggest focus points throughout the years have been: • Security monitoring with SIEM implementations, configuration and management • Ethical hacking wearing both the black and the white hats • Handling large data sources with the Elastic stack • Networking technologies related to all layers of the OSI Model • Interpreted programming languages • Anything *NIX • Non-container based virtualization • Automation • Architecture and design of a wide variety of different infrastructure components, both high and low level

Great knowledge about the inner workings of both the business and technological side of how SOC/SIEM is made to work in large organizations.

Marius is obsessed with ensuring best practices and proper designs are followed, to a point where he annoys some of his co-workers (to an acceptable level).

In his free time he still spends way too much time behind a computer, either related to work, open source/community contributions, playing video games or learning anything new and exciting.

Marius and school never worked out, so he spent most of his childhood years behind a screen in a dark room, with a ever-growing appetite for anything technology and their inner workings.

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