Daniel Ionut Mosoiu

over 2 years ago


Online Handle: Ionut Daniel Mosoiu
Home Town: Prague, Czech Republic

Daniel is currently a SecureOps employee ( https://www.secureops.com/ ) and his current position is SIEM administrator of Micro Focus ArcSight products.

He is originally from Romania and his current residence is in Prague, Czech Republic.

He has been active in the HP world for the last 12 years and accumulated knowledge of the following software products: Network Node Monitoring, Network Automation, Server Automation, Data Protector and ArcSight. Having roles as Presales and Technical Consultant, he was involved in implementation of these products.

In the past two years, he had the opportunity to work more in depths with ArcSight, acting as Technical Consultant for MicroFocus.

His job is also his hobby and he is dedicating a lot of his spare time to IT topics, aiming for improvement of his knowledge in networking and in the Linux world. He would also like to share information from the gained experience with friends in need of advice.

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