Aaron Burgemeister

Community Username: aburgemeister

Software Skills: Access-mgr, Apparmor, audit, edir, idm, iManager, NMAS, securelogin, Sec-mgr

Aaron has a desire to be overworked so that maybe his workaholism will somehow end, and as a result he frequents hundreds of groups on the NetIQ/Novell/SUSE forums. Still, he hasn't managed to die of overwork so he keeps on trying. In the meantime he types really fast, and writes very long replies, probably to the chagrin of the poor recipients. Because of this known behavior he suggests asking clarifying questions, with examples. Worst case, roll your eyes and see if another KP can help.

Aaron worked at Novell for eight years before working for a partner implementing Identity, Security and Access management software (as well as the platforms on which those run). He is a Linux zealot, and does a lot of work optimizing builds for servers. Sometimes Aaron has a bad habit of posting an abundance of commands used for troubleshooting.

In the IT world Aaron loves networking... a lot. On Linux he troubleshoots everything with tcpdump, it seems (when all you have is a hammer...) which is neat, except when the traces are gigabytes in size.

In order to do things faster, Aaron creates scripts/tools like crazy. Several of his submissions are found on the Cool Solutions/Communities sites, and more are regularly coming to solve common problems or provide commonly-requested features for end users.

Final warning: Like many IT people he has a tendency to be.... direct. This isn't meant to be rude in any case, but if it comes across as such see what is really being asked or stated in case it can be interpreted as being devoid of excess fluff. If so, that was intended. If he really does seem to be rude, just ignore him.

Jessica Roth

Micro Focus Community Manager
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