Mehmet Ergene

over 2 years ago
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Community handle: "mr_ergene"
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Hometown: Utrecht, Netherlands

Software skills:
Mehmet is a Security Engineer having CISSP certificate and 10 years of experience in the IT field. Currently, he provides consultancy services about IT/Cyber Security and ArcSight products(especially ESM). 

Mehmet has participated in many areas of IT initiatives such as project management, security systems management, network management, Infrastructure, Security monitoring and SIEM implementations. 

Some of the main areas he has worked in:

  • Architecture, design and implementation of network&security components
  • Network management, Firewall, IPS/IDS
  • Web Security(content filtering), Email Security, DLP
  • Log Management, SIEM 

Mehmet has strong problem solving skills and is passionate about learning inner workings of the products related to security.

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