Susan Rickey

over 2 years ago
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Online handle: "Susan"

Home town: Somewhere in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains of California.

Susan is currently happily retired and spends her time struggling to be an artist, relaxing, reading, and watching the hummingbirds outside her window. In a former life, she was the Business Manager for non-profit, legal and manufacturing concerns, has a background in accounting as an accountant for city and county governments, as well as for one of 14 subsidiaries of an international natural resources company "that was big enough to have known better than to have so many subsidiaries".

She has been a part of the Novell Support Forum Volunteer SysOp team since 1993, was a C-Tech SysOp for Corel for a number of years, has been a beta tester for WordPerfect Corp., Novell, and Intuit, and most happily a foster mother for kittens for her local animal shelter.

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