Malcolm Lewis


Community Username: malcolmlewis
Hometown: Cleveland, Mississippi, USA (Near Batesville)

Software skills:  openSUSE Leap and Tumbleweed and SUSE Linux Enterprise (SLED[esktop], SLES[erver] and SuMA [SUSE Manager - managing your servers, packages, patches and more via one interface.]), OBS packaging and maintenance of a number of packages in openSUSE and SLE Package Hub, Perl and BASH scripting for task automation, snmp, iManager, Openview .

Malcolm is a New Zealand expatriate, being a stay at home dad (for the moment) in Cleveland Mississippi. He has been using Linux since 2000 and using SuSE since 9.2

Before moving to the US, Malcolm worked in the telecommunications industry since 1984 in manufacturing and Quality Assurance before moving into the support area in 2002 as a System Administrator for various network management systems running Solaris and linux.

Malcolm hangs out on the openSUSE forums and is a member of the Moderator team, but lurks in the SLED/SLES forum since thats his main desktop OS.

You can find more information about Malcolm on his openSUSE profile page

Jessica Roth

Micro Focus Community Manager
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