Geoffrey Carman





Community UserName: geoffc
Hometown: New York, New York

Software skills: Access Manager, eDirectory, IDM [Identity Manager], (eDir, AD, JDBC, WorkOrder, Null, Loopback, NxSettings, BiDir NIS, BiDir AS400, Composer, Scripting, SAP HR, and more drivers), Netware, OES, and more.

Geoffrey Carman (aka geoffc) works at Computer Integrated Services of New York, a consulting firm in the New York city region. His focus is on Identity Management, but likes to think he can pretty much do anything else, if needed. Except fly. Flying is for the birds. (And bats, but they are just rats with wings and we prefer to pretend they do not exist.)

Geoffrey has some disease of the fingers that compels him to write and he gets the jitters when his fingers aren't touching a keyboard. He contributes to the NetIQ Forums and is a compulsive contributor to NetIQ Cool Solutions (400 articles. Check out the Personal Collection link above for a list sorted by topic).

Geoffrey has published two books in the Identity Management realm. Please buy a copy for your child, they will love them!  (Kids intro to IDM book is next on the list, looking for a good illustrator.)

[The Definitive Guide to IDM Tokens] [IDM Validator: The Missing Manual]


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