Mario Morelli

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Community Username: Mario Morelli
Hometown: Bedfordview, South Africa

Software skills: eDirectory, Access Mgr, SMAX, Service Mgmt Automation, Application Performance Mgmt, Storage Ops Mgr [SOM], Cloud Optimizer, NNMI, Network Automation, Config Mgmt (UCMDB/UD), Operations Orchestration, Server Automation, Service Manager, Loadrunner 

Strangely started my working life off, after school...working 3 to 4 kilometers underground in a gold mine and after a couple of months ended up in IT, and here I am today 

I have been working with Micro Focus products (the previous HPE Suite of products), since it was still Mercury, working with the entire stack of products across the SDLC process from Development, testing, deployment, and support. And now in my role as Solutions Architects/IT Operations and Enterprise Service Management space. Currently, primarily focused with the SMA Suite, mostly SMAX as there is big demand for it.

Being me, I am always after more information on working smarter and improving and striving to innovate and I owe a lot of my skills to fellow contributors in the forums over the years. Identifying and testing open source toolsets, big fan all things Linux, automation, and containerization.

As a South African with Italian heritage, my hobbies include having a Braai (or what you would call a barbeque I suppose?) and I’m a big rugby and football fan. Love adventure sports, fast cars, and motorcycles. If I could I would travel the world sharing my knowledge and learning from fellow peers, while experiencing the different cultures and seeing the wonders of the world along the way.


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