Emeritus Knowledge Partners


Al Stearns

- Novell Clients, NDS, Netware

Al is a Computer Systems Integrator and Network Analyst in the Augusta, GA area. His computer experience includes 8 years with PC networking hardware/software, 16 years with PC hardware/software, and 6 years assisting users to solve problems on the Novell Support Connection Forums. His certifications include Novell’s CNE, CNE-3, AND CNE-4 certifications and CTIA’s A Service Technician certification.

Alan Adams

- Utah

Novell Clients Alan was the network administrator at the Seventh-day Adventist Church World Headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland. He has been programming and working with computers professionally since 1989 and started working with NetWare and toward his CNE certification in 1994. Alan likes to tackle operating system integration issues with Novell Client software.

Alan now works for Micro Focus on the Client team

Allen Harris

- NetWare, GroupWise

Allen was a Senior Systems Administrator for EDS in Plano, TX, specializing in remote client support of GroupWise and NetWare. Prior to EDS, he was Technical Architect for Cardiovascular Provider Resources in Dallas, Texas, and before that he worked as a senior consultant/system integrator for six years. Allen started his “NetWare” career as a test engineer at Novell (1985), where he helped develop NetWare 2.0 through NetWare 3.1. Allen has spoken at several NetWare User Conferences and has served on the Board of Directors for NetWare Users International. He has also spoken at Novell’s Developer Conference, at BrainShare, and at NetWorld, has served as a SysOp for the Novell Support Connection since 1990, and has been a CNE since the program’s inception. He has a degree in Operations Management from Brigham Young University.

1andrew.jpg Andrew Taubman
- NetWare, Novell Clients, Macintosh, NDS, SFT III

Andrew actually worked for Novell as a Senior Technical Support Engineer in Novell’s Asia-Pacific Support Center in Sydney, Australia. He does his SysOp work in his free time. His experience includes over 10 years with PC networking and over 12 years with PC hardware/software. He holds a CNE, ECNE, and MCNE certification.

1andy.jpgAndy Thompson

Andy works for Moorehead Communications in Marion, IN and has been a member of the Novell Support Connection SysOps since November, 1999

Barry Merchant

- GroupWise

Barry has over 25 years experience in IT and has been involved in mainframe and Unix application development. For the last 7 years, he has been focusing on Novell products, particularly GroupWise. Barry designed and almost singlehandedly installed one of the UK’s largest GroupWise systems.

1barryschnur.jpgBarry Schnur

Barry is an independent consultant from Scottsdale, Arizona. He has 15 years experience with personal computing and six years hands on NetWare experience starting first in the corporate world. As well as being a SysOp on the Novell Support Connection, he is also with Corel’s CTECH program. He started his SysOp work in 1988 with Borland. He has a BA from Yale University. His publications include a number of articles in Absolute Reference, Cobb journals for Quattro Pro, and work as a technical editor for Sybex. Speaking engagements have included the Borland Developers Conference and NetWorld

Barry St. John

- Novell Clients

Barry is the systems manager for First Federal Bank in Kansas City, a position he has held for the last 10 years. He has been installing and maintaining Novell- based LANs and WANs in the banking industry since 1985. Barry has been a user of the Novell Support Connection since its inception on “The Source” online service.


Ben Walter

Online handle: "scorpionsting"
Home town: Port Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Started working with Novell NetWare in early 2000's and concentrated on NDS/eDirectory, GroupWise, ZenWorks, NCS, etc for several years before delving into DirXML in 2004.

From there, started working with iChain and Access Manager as it was developed with recent experience being with the Sentinel product.

Also spent quite a bit of time with the SuSE related OS's (SLES, openSUSE, etc) and have skills with coding languages such as bash, PHP, VB, PowerShell, etc.

Bob King

- NetWare

Bob passed away in 2004

Bob has spent the last three years working for EDS as a network system administrator at several client sites. He has worked extensively with DRDOS, Novell DOS, NetWare Lite, Personal NetWare, and now with NetWare for Small Business. He has operated for more than 17 years as an independent full service consulting firm supporting small businesses. Bob has written or contributed to several books over the years with Que Publishing.

Bob Mahar

Muhlenberg College Allentown, PA

1bradd.jpgBrad Doster

DNS-DHCP, NetWare 5.x, NetWare 4.x and NDS

Brad joined the ranks of the Novell Support Connection Volunteer (NSCV) SysOps in 1994, about two years after becoming a Novell CNI. Following 5 years of full-time teaching and part-time consulting, he tossed caution to the wind and began his own full-time consulting, part-time teaching business.

As Owner of Insight Network Solutions in Pleasant Hill, California, Brad enjoys mixing the two worlds of education and "real-world" networking. "Real-world" enhances his offerings in the classroom, and being in the classroom maintains his ability to communicate with folks not totally absorbed by geekdom (yet :).

Brad's certifications include Master CNE, Master CNI, MCSE/MCT, Citrix Certified Professional, Check Point Certified Systems Engineer and HP Certified Cluster Installer.

When not absorbing electro-magnetic waves, he can often be found on the softball field, enjoying the more warming alternative of solar rays while protecting first base, or trying to get beyond it.

Brett Warthen

Brian Iverson

1cat.jpgCaterina Luppi

Charles Rose

1craigj.jpgCraig Johnson

- Phoenix, Arizona, US

Craig Johnson is an independent consultant based out of Phoenix, Arizona. He has worked for many years in the IT industry, holding the position of Senior Systems Consultant for ENTEX IT Services for six years, before leaving to form Craig Johnson Consulting.

He has experience working with small clients (one server, 10 users), up to very large clients (400 servers, 30,000 users), with emphasis on internetworking, server migrations, design reviews, documentation, and troubleshooting.

Craig has particular skills with Novell BorderManager and ZENworks, and is the author of two electronic books on BorderManager, available from his website. He has been a speaker at Novell's BrainShare Conference, and has worked with Novell products since 1990.

Craig became a Novell Support Connection Volunteer (NSCV) SysOp in 1997, and currently can be found mainly in the Novell public forums, BorderManager sections. He holds the following technical certifications: Novell: MCNE, CNE 3.11, CNE 4, CNE IntranetWare, CNE5; Cisco: CCNA; IBM: PSE, Compaq: ASE.

1craigw.jpgCraig Wilson

Craig now works for Micro Focus on the ZENworks support team

A Novell Support Connection Volunteer SysOp since 2000, is an independent consultant. Craig has worked as a consultant for such customers as the US Navy, US Air Force and numerous large corporations. He currently holds certifications as a CNE3, CNE4, CNE5, CNE6, MCNE, MCSE 2000 and CCNA. He has been working in the computer industry since 1989. Craig is also the SR Consultant and lead editor for the website http://www.ithowto.com. Craig has also written a number of articles for Novell's CoolSolution on-line magazines.

When not working with computers, he is playing with computers, playing bridge, or watching his favorite sporting event.

Dan Loker


Danita Zanrè

Online handle: "dzanre"
Home town: Borgo Val di Taro, Italy

Danita is a consultant for Caledonia Network Consulting, a GroupWise consulting firm in the Denver, Colorado area. She has worked with NetWare and GroupWise since 1989.

A CNE-GW4 and CNE-GW5, Danita is the author of many GroupWise books and articles, and has been a speaker at Novell's TechShare and BrainShare and Advisor Media's GroupWise Advisor Summit.

You can find current contact information for Danita at Caledonia Network Consulting.

Dave Kearns

- NetWare, Novell Clients

Dave Kearns is a senior analyst for Kuppinger-Cole, Europe’s leading analyst company for identity-focused information security and networking. His columns and newsletters on Identity, Security and Networking have been read by hundreds of thousands of subscribers, while his books have provided a thorough grounding in the basic philosophies of directory technology and Identity Management, as well as a full understanding of networking, to a generation of technologists.

Kearns has consulted for many of the major Identity Services vendors, as well as to hundreds of organizations including governments and enterprises embarking on identity-oriented operations.

Dave Lunn

1davep.jpgDave Parkes

- Warwick, UK

Dave is the network manager for IMI Norgren in the U.K. He has worked in the computer industry for the last 17 years. Dave has a BA and MA Cantab and is a member of ImechE and the UK Engineering Institute.

Dave was the Network manager for a small engineering company based in Warwickshire in the UK. As such, is a jack of all trades and master of none.

Knows a bit about GroupWise, ZENworks, BorderManager, as well as NetWare. Worked with PCs since 1980, starting with PET Commodores and Univacs, been fooling around with networks since 1990 with NetWare 2.2.

Also been lowering the genteel tones of SysOphood since early 1995. Got on the bus at the start of the 1970s and shows no sign of getting off any time soon

Deborah Schmidt

Demitrius Levadas

Dennis Beach

Don Crawford

- User Contributed Files

Don is an independent consultant from Phoenix, Arizona. He has 35 years of experience with computers and data processing and has been working with NetWare since 1987. He is a Certified Computer Professional (CCP) and has a Master’s Degree in Business Administration.

1donalda.jpgDonald Albury

- Delray Beach, Florida, US

Donald started working with computers over 20 years ago, as the result of a mid-life career crisis. He's been working with Novell products for a number of years, although he has trouble remembering just how many (he has a vague recollection of upgrading from NW 2.2 to 3.11). He is a network consultant in South Florida (where they are still trying to figure how to use computers to count votes), and has been a SysOp since November of 2000.

Doug Archell

Doug Lindout

Duane Fish

1edisono.jpgEdison Ortiz

- Passaic, New Jersey, US

Novell Clients, NetWare 4.x ,5.x 6x, NDS

Edison is a Network Engineer located in Northern New Jersey. Edison's computer experience dates back to 1992

His computer knowledge ranges from Cisco Routers configuration/installation over frame relay and VPN, to Novell NetWare Servers 4.x, 5.x and 6.x configuration/installation/troubleshooting.

Edison also has knowledge of AS400, Windows9x, WindowsNT, Windows2000 and WindowsXP Operating Systems.

Edison has been a Novell Support Connection Volunteer (NSCV) SysOp since May, 1999, and currently holds the following certifications: CNA, CNE, CCNA and CCNP.

Felton Green

Frank McCallister

- NetWare, Novell Clients, NAL, GroupWise

Frank passed away in 2009

Frank is a retired USAF pilot, has worked with electronics since 1975, computers since 1983, and Novell products since 1989. He is a consultant with COMPUMAC. Frank is also a Corel CTECH SysOp

1gertb.jpgGert Berg

Gertjan Lettink

- Groningen, The Netherlands

I live in Groningen, Netherlands, with wife and three kids and have my own company, GLOSS Computer , providing open source solutions. Main project in the past three years has been the design and development of a 100% open source box-office webapplication for on- and offline ticket sales. I provide support, system/network administration, web solutions and consulting services, preferrably in the open source area. openSUSE is the main operating system used for private and business computer-related activities. The last couple of years my involvement in the openSUSE Community has grown bit by bit: starting with the consolidation of activities in various linux forums to the openSUSE Forums, becoming a global moderator early 2010, editor of the forums section in the openSUSE Weekly News, setting up dutch language openSUSE subforums.

Greg Smith

- Kanata, Ontario Canada

1hamishs.jpgHamish Speirs

NetWare 5.x, 6.x, Novell Client for NT/2K/XP

Hamish is a Senior Consultant with Dyntek Ltd (http://www.dyntek.com , an IT consulting company with a presence in many US states), working predominantly with NY State agencies.

A native of New Zealand, Hamish was imported into the USA by popular demand after many years working there and in the UK, and is currently thawing out in upstate New York.

A NW4/5/6 CNA, CNS and CDE (and trying to find the time to do the last two exams to become a NW6 CNE) Hamish has not spoken at Brainshare (and has no intention of ever doing so), is not yet the author of any books, but does have an incredibly useful Netware utility available at http://www.caledonia.net/autopurg.html

1jaredj.jpgJared Jennings

- Oak Grove, MO, USA

The Halloween kid currently works as a Senior Systems Engineer at Data Technique, Inc., a Novell Platinum Partner located in Kansas and Missouri. He started supporting networks at 10 and hasn't stopped. Instantly falling in love with NetWare, Linux, and receiving a CNE certification at 19, he enthusiastically supports networks and can be found in the OS, ZENworks, and Administration-tools forums.

Jeff Chumbley

Jeff Grammar


Jim Henderson

Online handle: "hendersj"
Home town: Seattle, Washington, USA

Jim Henderson started working with computer networks in 1989 at a small university in Daytona Beach, Florida. Jim, a programmer of many years, wrote several utilities to customize the NetWare environment for the academic computer lab.

After leaving school, he went to work for a company that was one of the first to deploy NetWare 4.0 in production. During that time, Jim became a volunteer SysOp for Novell on CompuServe, and has supported Novell Directory Services (NDS) for Novell since 1993. Since then, he has supported various Novell/NetIQ technologies, including NDS, eDirectory, NetIQ Identity Manager, various Novell clients, Novell Replication Services, NetWare, Linux, and many others.

He is also one of the administrative staff on the openSUSE forums and a member of the openSUSE community.

Jim has worked for companies of varying sizes, and currently is an independent consultant, specializing in training material creation and review, technical writing, and IT architecture and services.

To reach Jim (for non-technical issues only, please), send him a Private Message on either the Micro Focus forums or the openSUSE forums

1jimm.jpgJim Michael

- Chesterfield, Missouri, US

Jim has been an IT Manager for a local government for the past 10 years, has been working with Novell products since 1990, and currently implements most of the Novell lineup in his environment

Jim has been a Novell Support Volunteer Sysop since 1999, is the author or "The Definitive Guide to WebAccess on Apache/Tomcat" and has presented at BrainShare on customizing WebAccess.

1joed.jpgJoe Doupnik

- Oxford, UK

Joe Doupnik is currently based within Computer Services of the University of Oxford in England where he works on research and development issues concerned with Novell Operating Systems and associated software. Much of his time is spent assisting Novell with their beta testing programs in the Open Enterprise Server and SLES environments and more direct work with teams on problems of mutual interest. He is also part of MindworksUK, a company which specializes in technical education and events related primarily to Novell’s products.

Prior to moving to Oxford Joe was Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Utah State University. He taught undergraduate systems and networking courses, amongst other subjects, and detailed networking and operating system internals at the graduate level.

Prof Doupnik has been involved with computer networking and communications for over twenty years. A few note he helped design the NASA Science Internet when networking was new. He has managed computer systems large and small for three decades and has used them since the venerable IBM 650.

His primary areas of expertise in IT are networking, operating systems, applications related to them, protocols, even device drivers. A theme running through them is making the apparatus work for us, and making it work better than before. For some years he has done extensive beta testing of major products with Novell and others, and works behind the scenes with organisations on techniques. He is one of the three founding members of the Novell Technology Transfer Partners (TTP) organization which for nearly 25 years couples selected academic sites with Novell engineers on technology issues.

He has used Unix since the mid-70's and has an original AT&T source code license. He has made many contributions to open source software as well as closed projects. Some recall him as the author of the best known open source MS-DOS Kermit communications program, which today is running on the International Space Station.

In public he gives varied courses on networking related material, operating systems internals, and even a course on writing Linux device drivers. He supports managers through listserver and similar mechanisms, and he does consulting. A decade of developing and managing a large student open computer lab has taught him a lot about human factors and systems behavior, and it persists to this day with his daily interaction with many systems managers around the world.

His technical training is in Electrical Engineering and Space Physics, with MSc and PhD from Penn State University funded mostly by NASA. He has worked in the field of ionospheric physics for many years and has a long list of publications and activities in that area. Today he, like many, is exploiting computer systems to do interesting things for people.

1joem.jpgJoe Marton

- Florida, USA

Netscape Enterprise Server for NetWare, NetWare 5.x, NetWare 6.x, DNS/DHCP

Joe is a Systems Administrator/Consultant in Fort Myers, Florida. His computer experience dates back to 1981. He is experienced in network installation/troubleshooting and computer programming, and is familiar with the Windows 95/98/NT/2000 and NetWare 3.x, 4.x, 5.x and 6.x operating systems.

Joe has been a Novell Product Support Volunteer SysOp since 12/9/97. Joe currently holds the following certifications: CNA, CNE

John McCann

John Pence

John Stoecker

- Nashville, TN

John passed away in 2013

John is a LAN Administrator for Kenworth of Tennessee, a truck reseller located at various locations throughout Tennessee. A Support Connection Volunteer Sysop since June, 2003, John has been working with Netware since 1989, when he first cracked the box open on Netware 3.11 for a custom hardware/software project for a major appliance manufacturer. Since then, he's worked with Netware 2.2, 4.x, 5.x, and 6, as well as Cisco routers, AS/400s, Windows of every flavor, and various distributions of Linux. If pressed, he will admit he still knows i386 and z80 assembler code, Basic, Fortran, Foxpro, and Turbo Pascal, but his current affectations are Perl and Delphi, when time permits.

When not spelunking the depths of the Windows registry for use with ZENworks, John has a number of other interests:

Providing premium entertainment services to his two cats Volunteering at the Tennessee Central Railway Museum. Railroad photography Reading good books

1justing.jpgJustin Grote

- Boise, Idaho, USA

Justin Grote is a network architect with 7 years experience designing and implementing network solutions. His skill set covers multiple vendors including Cisco (CCNA CCDA), Linux, Microsoft, and Novell

Kai Reichert

- Nagold, Germany

Kai is an independent consultant, support engineer and trainer located near Stuttgart, Germany. His main focus is on mid sized companies for which he is doing on-site and backline support, education and consulting. He frequently teaches various novell classes including Netware and ZENworks at official training centers. Kai is Master CNE and Master CNI.

Kai also supports companies that develop solutions for Novell products, helping them with various Novell related issues. He is also involved in database development projects from time to time.

His ‘first contact‘ with Novell was 1994 with NetWare 3.12. After finishing his aprenticship as a radio/tv technican in 1994 he became a software developer at the ‘Datis’ company for medical database and management software, focused on the cancer research area. In 1998 he changed to a mid-sized company and worked as a system administrator. He became an independent consultant in 2001. Kai has been a volunteer SysOp on Novell's technical support forums since 2001.

In 2006 Kai joined Novell as a System Engineer and moved to the Product Management Team in 2012. Kai was responsible for the GroupWise Mobility Service and iPrint product. He was also heavily involved with OES, Vibe and GroupWise product management. As a result of the merger with Microfocus he left Novell already in 2014 and worked as a product manager in various companies before he joined Accenture, a large consulting company, in 2016.

Kevin Nathan

- Mesa Arizona, USA


Laura Buckley

Online Handle: laurabuckley
Originally From: Pinetown, South Africa (Near Durban)
Now in: Rotterdam, Netherlands


I am passionate about the sharing of knowledge and am committed to lifelong learning.

When not working, I enjoy camping, cooking and my Kindle.

1leem.jpgLee Matheson

Lee is an Irish/Canadian expatriate, working as a Spacecraft Operations Engineer for EUMETSAT in Darmstadt Germany. He has been using Linux since 1998 and using SuSE since version 7.3. He is long since cured from his high school chess addiction and his main hobby now is multimedia with Linux, creating home videos designed to cure insomina in relatives and friends foolish enough to let him show them the videos. He is a moderator on openSUSE forums and spends a large portion of his openSUSE Linux community volunteer time supporting users resolve basic sound problems

Les Lovsee

Lindsey Johnstone

- Renton, WA, US

Lindsey Johnstone is a System Manager for a City Council at a major Pacific Northwest city. He has presented on the subject of electronic messaging retention at Brainshare several times. Mr. Johnstone is married and has two grown children.

1marcelc.jpgMarcel Cox

- Luxembourg

Marcel is a network manager at the Centre Informatique de l'Etat du Luxembourg (the Luxembourg State Computer Center). He has been working in his current position since 1991, dealing with a NetWare environment from the beginning.

Marcel started as a member of the Novell Knowledge Partner program in 1997.

1marcusb.jpgMarcus Breiden

- Mönchengladbach, Germany

Marcus started solving problems in 1969. In 1996 after a few years in the Air Force he joined forces with Novell and Microsoft. He became an Instructor of both curriculums and created several custom training courses which customers survived and actually were well received. In 1999 he turned away from the Darkside and joined Novell Education in Germany. He was one of the first CNIs to be allowed to teach Advanced Technical Training, based on his skills and eagerness to work hand in hand with Novell Support. From that time on he was stuck with the extremely rewarding task of pushing the ATT ZFD course to new heights in EMEA. In 2003 he left Novell to start his own company which specializes in customized training, security and network management. He still works for Novell Training Services to deliver the ZENworks ATT, he is a Novell Education Partner, Partner of ENGL.CO.UK and a hardworking Sysop in the Novell Support Forums. He and Shaun have a hate / hate relationship... both hate the fact that questions are not being answered and both hate it if customers are unsatisfied.... come and see their fight for answers and satisfaction in the Novell Support Forums.

Marcus lives in Germany at the moment, but lived for 8 years in the Netherlands. He understands/writes/speaks Dutch, English and German.

He likes to travel and enjoys working abroad, especially if the weather is better than in Germany.

Marcus Williamson

- UK

- NetWare

Marcus is Managing Director of Connectotel Limited, based in London,UK. Until July 1996 he was Team Leader of Novell Consulting (Europe), based in Duesseldorf, Germany and responsible for consulting activities in Eastern Europe, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. He worked with Novell for over six years and has worked with NetWare for the last 12 years. Marcus has contributed many times to Novell AppNotes and other publications, and is a regular speaker at Novell’s BrainShare events in America and Europe.

Marilyn Ratcheson

- Connectivity

Marilyn is a network manager from Chicago, Illinois. After several years as a training manager, she began working professionally with computers and data processing in 1985, and with NetWare in 1990. Marilyn holds CNE, ECNE and Master CNE certifications from Novell. She began helping people with their computer and data communications related questions as a CompuServe SysOp in 1988 and became active in the Novell forums in 1993.

1markc.jpgMark Christie

- Meliden, N Wales, UK

I started programming in FORTRAN in 1972 ( while still at school ) over an old IBM teletype to the nearest mainframe approx 30 miles away, I originally trained as an electronics engineer in the forces but took college and university courses in computing in the mid 80`s.

I taught computing in local colleges during the 90`s, I now build/fix custom, and high end computers for local people/businesses and also look after a few networks, I have been using linux since 1997`ish and exclusively for the last 12 -18 months.

I am more of a hardware bod than a software one but love delving into the heart of linux purely because you can.

Motto "If it is working fine then lets try and break it and then try and fix it, as you will never learn if you don`t".

Mark Gibbs

1markr.jpgMark Robinson

- Edinburgh, Scotland

Mark is a Linux consultant for NDS8 in Edinburgh, Scotland. He works with Tim Heywood in the hope that they might be able to stop geeking some day and actually get some work done!

Mark first met Unix systems in 1990 as a user at university and has never looked back. He left uni in 1997 and met the real world. After various encounters with Windows he retreated to the world of Linux in 1999 and has felt a lot better since. He started installing Linux servers for his clients shortly after, and his company became the first SuSE Advanced Partner in Scotland. He joined NDS8 and the Novell world in November 2004 and is thoroughly enjoying mixing with other geeks! As well as consulting he also runs Linux training courses - getting paid to talk about Linux, what more can life offer.

He occasionally makes it to his local Linux User Group - SLUG in Glasgow, and if he's really lucky he attends the Linux Beer Hike to mix with UberGeeks...

Martin Bremner-Garthwaite

- New Malden Surrey UK

Matt Ray

- Columbia SC USA

Mehmet Ergene

-Utrecht, Netherlands

Software skills:
Mehmet is a Security Engineer having CISSP certificate and 10 years of experience in the IT field. Currently, he provides consultancy services about IT/Cyber Security and ArcSight products(especially ESM).

Mehmet has participated in many areas of IT initiatives such as project management, security systems management, network management, Infrastructure, Security monitoring and SIEM implementations.

Some of the main areas he has worked in:

Architecture, design and implementation of network&security components
Network management, Firewall, IPS/IDS
Web Security(content filtering), Email Security, DLP
Log Management, SIEM
Mehmet has strong problem solving skills and is passionate about learning inner workings of the products related to security.


1michaelb.jpgMichael Bell

- San Francisco, California, USA

Michael is a long time Netware Administrator and now produces security and antivirus software for GroupWise 5/6. He is the author of Guinevere and the co-developer of GWAVA. Michael has been a member of the Sysop Team since May, 1998. He also maintains the Win32 HOWTO for SpamAssassin (http://www.openhandhome.com/howtosa.html)

Mickey Applebaum

Mike Crabtree

Mark was our first SysOp from outside of the US.

Mike Maynard

- Stony Point, NY, USA

1mikew.jpgMike Willis

- Coventry, UK

Mike manages SLED machines in an heterogeneous academic environment. He's been using Linux since 2000 starting with Red Hat 7 taking in Fedora, variants of the Ubuntu and SuSE families. He currently uses SLED at work and openSUSE at home. He also uses Mac OS X on a daily basis and is prone to scavenging obsolete Apple hardware he considers too aesthetically pleasing to be scrapped. Some of this gets Linux installed on it.

1niclase.jpgNiclas Ekstedt

- Vastra, Frolunda, Sweden

Niclas is currently working as a networking consultant for Telindus Sweden AB (www.telindus.se) A swedish subsidiary in the Telindus Group. He's been consulting on networks since 1991, when he was first introduced to Novell NetWare 3.11. Whether Novell, Microsoft, Linux, Veritas, CA etc, Niclas doesn't care what it says on the box. Should a client need help, Niclas is willing.

He has been a Novell Support Forums Volunteer Sysop since June 2001 and is mostly active in the eDirectory, NetWare and Linux forums.

In whatever little time he has besides his work and the forums, he hangs out with his family and friends. Whenever things tends to just be to much, you can surely spot him in the car on a road somewhere close to you.

1nielsp.jpgNiels Poulsen

Niels is working as an IT-management Consultant at the municipality of Viborg, Denmark. He started working with IT in 2001, with the main focus in the Help Desk and hardware. He soon after started to work with Novell Software, NetWare 5.x and ZENworks 3.x at the time . The following years went back and fourth between administration and configuration of servers (Windows, NetWare, OES), applications deployment, network, DBA and is now the Lead Admin in a team concerning ZENworks 7/11, eDirectory, MS SQL and other endpoint management tasks. His main interest lies with ZENworks 11 and he uses most of the time in that array.

Niels has been a member of the Knowledge Partner Team since Dec. 2011 and can mostly be found around the ZENworks forums.

1normo.jpgNorm O'Neal

Pablo Geralnik

Paul Franz

- Novell Clients

Paul lives in West Chester, Pennsylvania, and is a software engineer at Primavera Systems, Inc. He has 6 years experience with Novell client products, giving him an excellent knowledge of the clients.

1peterk.jpgPeter Kuo

- Markham, Ontario, Canada

Peter Kuo Ph.D., president of DreamLAN Network Consulting Ltd. (www.DreamLAN.com), is a Master CNI, Master CNE, NCIP, CNX, and one of the very first CDEs. He coauthored Novell's Guide to Troubleshooting NDS and has authored and coauthored over a dozen NetWare, UNIX, and other networking titles. Peter has been working with NetWare since the early 1980s, and has been working with NDS since NetWare 4.0 was still in beta. He has assisted many companies in implementing NDS trees of various sizes and has been developing NDS-aware applications since 1995. Peter is also a volunteer SysOp for the Novell DevelopNet forums.

1peterv.jpgPeter van der Woude

- Enschede, The Netherlands

Peter passed away in 2006

Peter lives in Enschede, in the East part of The Netherlands which is famous for its fireworks and possibly the best beer in the world; Grolsch

He has been working with Novell Products since 1993. He began his current career at the local University 8 years ago. He started as a gopher, but was thrown into deep water after 2 years when several co-workers suddenly left. It turned out he could swim and has been the senior techie of the Novell environment ever since.

Peter can be found mainly in the server OS forums, the printing forums and the web service related forums and he occasionally visits the ZENworks forums. He has been a CNE since NW4.11 and holds MCNE6 and CDE certifications.

Rainer Brunold

- Biedermannsdorf, Austria

I started working for Siemens as a field engineer in 1991 where I got a lot of Unix education. 1996 I moved to Vienna and started working for a insurance that built it's network on Netware 4. After getting a job offer from that company in 1999 I work now for them and I'm responsible for most of the Novell product concepts as well as all migrations and most of the 3rd level support for Novell products. Since last year (2007) we migrated our 250 server Netware tree to OES linux and build most new solutions based on linux and virtualization technology.

The product range from Novell products starts at the traditional Netware to OES Linux and SLES, Bordermanager, Identity Manager, Access Manager, Zenworks Linux Management as well and so on

Rich Adams

Richard Guaraldo

- Connectivity, BorderManager

Richard is the senior systems engineer for Light Industries in Millersville, Maryland. He has a BSE in Electrical Engineering, over 11 years experience with Novell products, and 21 years experience with technology in general. He is a CNE and a Microsoft Certified Professional.

Richard Hornbaker

1rickb.jpgRick Beels

Richard contributes over sixteen years of industry experience to the Novell Product Support Volunteer team. He is currently a Principal Architect with DSI Consulting, Inc. A semi-regular sysop and forum regular since 1989, Richard can be found mainly in the directory forums.

Professionally, his work is currently focused on the Directory: Identity Management, Integration and Security. Prior to joining DSI, Richard was a Senior Consultant with Novell Consulting and also served as a Network Administrator and Systems Architect in the healthcare and educational markets.

Richard has travelled the world listening to his clients needs and then designing and installing solutions that minimize complexity and maximize revenue.

Holder of a half-dozen CNEs, an MCNE and a CDE, he is also the co-author of the GroupWise 5.5 Administrator's Guide, by Sybex, Inc., and has been a speaker at numerous TechShare and BrainShare conferences.

Robert Klein

1robertm.jpgRobert M

Rolf Lidval

- Stockholm, Sweden

After the compulsory military service in 1973 Rolf started working at the Swedish Radio as sound engineer, broadcasting and recording radio programmes and also live music. He plays guitar and was a bandleader for 14 years in a hobby band, playing at birthday parties, weddings etc. He started working with computers in 1993, because of SAW (sound editing), which was written in assembler, 600K in all.

In 1996 he started working full time as Network Admin and took his first Netware course; 4.10. He's been working with NAL since it only was a shortcut on the desktop, and today He's responsible for the standard production workstations at Swedish Radio which has 25 offices all around the country.

Interests: music (Steely Dan, Led Zeppelin, Dixie Chicks etc), Cycling, Hi-Fi, Beer (Ale), Formula One.

Sandra Harrell

- Novell Clients, NetWare, ManageWise, Z.E.N.works, NDS Sandra joined Novell Consulting but still does SysOp work in her spare time. She has 8 years experience with Novell products and 11 years experience with computers. She has been a CNE since 1994. She is originally from London, UK but now lives in the Richmond, Virginia area.

Scott Kunau

Scott is president of Certified Computer Services, Inc. a training and consulting firm based in Cincinnati, Ohio. He is an independent consultant and trainer specializing in GroupWise, NetWare, NDS, ManageWise, NT Server, and Exchange. He has been working in the computer industry for 9 years and has 7 years experience working with Novell products. Scott hold his Master CNE, CNI, MCT, and MPS certifications. Scott published his first book The Ten Minute Guide to GroupWise 5 in 1996 and co-authored the GroupWise 5.5 Administrator’s Guide. Scott is also active on the Master CNE Advisory Council.

Scott Wertz

1sveld.jpgSebastian Veld

1simonf.jpgSimon Flood


Shaun Pond

Online handle: "shaunpond"
Home town: High Wycombe, England, United Kingdom

After 40 years in the IT industry, which included 14 years with Novell, Shaun has taken early retirement! For the last 3 1/2 years, Shaun worked as part of the team at ENGL (Expert Network Group Limited), supporting customers who are using ENGL's Windows deployment software. Shaun's been working with ZENworks for more years than he can remember (at his age, he's lucky if he can remember what he had for breakfast!), including much of the considerable time (15 years!) he spent working for the UK's largest food retailer.

Shaun has worked with NetWare since the days of 2.0a, but didn't get round to getting his CNE until he'd been with Noverll for a while. His boss told him he needed to pass his CNE, so Shaun took and passed all the CNE exams one morning, in a total of 90 minutes, start to finish - we think that this is a world record...

Shaun spends his time in the ZENworks forums trying, and usually failing, to find enough time to be able to look in at any other forums.

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Steve Meyer

As President and Founder of Avanti Technology, Inc. of Colorado Springs, Colorado, Steve has been involved in networking since 1979 and has been developing Network Management technology for Novell’s NetWare server platforms since 1984. He has been a SysOp on the Novell Developer and Support Connection forums, has had his own column and has contributed to columns on network management issues for several major trade publications, and has contributed to or tech edited several books on NetWare server network management. His forte is NetWare internal logic and ABEND issues.

Steve Taylor

- Farham Hampshire UK

1susanr.jpgSusan Rickey - Hawaii

Suzanne, Miles

Suzanne is a network engineer from New Jersey with The Boca Information Sciences Group. She is a CNE, MCSE, and a Master CNE.

Suzanne has been working with Novell networks for over 13 years. She was a contributing author for the book Special Edition - Using IntranetWare

She currently works for a professional IT services company, which provides comprehensive end-to-end IT solutions for small and medium-sized businesses throughout North America.

Terry Rodecker

- Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, US

1timh.jpgTim Heywood

- Edinburgh, Scotland


Tim has been only been working with GroupWise for the past 10 years and spends far too much of his time of his copious spare time in the GroupWise forums.

It has been reported that he has been seen walking the streets of Utah in a skirt (kilt) every spring. A regular speaker at BrainShare and UK technical events Tim enjoys practicing what he preaches with all of Novell's products.

Tim specialises in Novell Cluster Services, GroupWise and Workstation Management while providing consultancy with the more traditional NetWare and BorderManager products. In his copious spare time, Tim acts as the product manager for GWMigrate, a tool that upgrades an Exchange Server to a real mail system, and has been directly involved in the migration (upgrade) of over 12,000 users from Exchange

Tim works as the CTO for NDS8, a Novell Platinum Partner based in Edinburgh and works with clients throughout the UK, Europe and the World.

1timl.jpgTimothy Leerhoff

- Anoka MN USA

Tom Kustner

- Glendale WI, USA

Tom Larsen

- Spanish Fork, Utah, USA

1tommym.jpgTommy Mikkelsen

Tommy is located in Denmark. Tommy was as a knowledge partner primary focused on GroupWise and ZENWorks, and was also heavily involved in the developer forums, as well as contributed with a lot of freeware utillities. Tommy was also a frequent speaker at Brainshare, as well as a core member of Open-Horizons and NUI.


Uwe Buckesfeld

Online handle: "buckesfeld"
Home town: Bochum, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

Uwe is working for a municipality in the western part of Germany. He started working with Novell Software in 1997 and has been a Groupwise administrator since that time. We were lucky enough to have Uwe join the SysOp/KP program in November 2002.

Bochum is home of Fiege Pils beer, perhaps the best beer in the world.

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Vikas Mahajan

- Gaithersburg MD USA


Will Schneider

Online handle: "descent"
Home town: Spring, Texas, USA (Near Houston)

Will is the Identity Practice Manager for Fulcrum Technology Solutions (https://www.ftsc.com) a consulting firm based out of Houston, Texas with offices throughout the US. His primary focus is Identity and Access Management where he has been working for over 15 years now. He also enjoys jumping off of large rocks. When he is not working he can be found in baseball stadiums around the country with his son in a quest to attend at least one game in every MLB stadium someday.

Will has been in consulting for a decade now but prior to working at Fulcrum he spent 10 years working for The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston with his most recent role being the Manager of Identity and Access Management for the University. He also previously worked as a firefighter and Paramedic in the Houston area for many years and brings an extensive knowledge of both healthcare and higher education into the IDM space.

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