Who are the Knowledge Partners?


They are out there. You'll find their postings through the Community. They write blogs, maintain wikis, personal web sites and participate in beta programs. They provide the forum answers, blog posts, articles, tips and tools in the Community. These are the people that love to share their experience, knowledge and expertise both with the company, and all the others within the Community. Why? Because they want to contribute to the ongoing success of Micro Focus.

The mission of Knowledge Partners is to bring their knowledge and expertise in their respective software fields, stemming from their industry experience, to other members of the Community, on a daily basis. These individuals are committed to working towards a sustainable dialogue by collaborating and sharing information that contributes to our knowledge base.

The Knowledge Partners program is a combination of customers, partners, and enthusiasts who deliver the best, most up to date, real world experiences and expertise to the community that even we at Micro Focus can't always match.

We are thrilled to be able to recognize these customers, partners, and enthusiasts who provide exceptional value and contribution to us and our customers via the Knowledge Partner Program.

Knowledge Partners are nominated and selected by their peers and Knowledge Partner program management. We review nominations on a quarterly basis with those in the program and interested employees from around Micro Focus. After reviewing to ensure a nominated individual has the expertise, quality contributions to the Community, and temperament necessary to meet program standards, selected nominees will be invited to join the Knowledge Partner program.

Benefits to Program to Knowledge Partners:

  • Rights to use the title and program mark.
  • Access to our private discussion forums and direct, private contact with the Knowledge Partner Support Team and other Knowledge Partners.
  • Access to training materials and some online training courses
  • Access to product subscriptions
  • Access to unreleased products

Benefits to Micro Focus:

  • Opportunity to receive direct input from Knowledge Partners on a variety of issues ranging from technical to procedural.
  • Knowledge Partners interactions with our customers and potential customers in the community helping us gain/retain customers.
  • Quick identification of product problems/bugs.

Benefits to our community members:

  • The ability to tap the shared knowledge provided by the many hours of contributions from Knowledge Partners.
  • Confidence that the Knowledge Partners have gone through a rigorous selection process and that their opinions and suggestions can generally be trusted.

Program Details:

  • Participants are selected via a nomination process and, if they decide to join us, become a Micro Focus Knowledge Partner.
  • Program participation and benefits run for 12 month blocks, depending on participation.
  • Program participants are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement as they will often have access to internal information

Are you an active Community member and interested in joining this program? Please contact us for more information.


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