Safet Mangic


Community username: PerthRM8
Hometown: Perth, Australia

Software skills: TRIM, RECORDS/Content Manager, EDMS Administration, MS Office and Desktop / Web 3rd party TRIM Apps Integration, Data Migration, EDMS Testing etc

Safet Mangic currently lives in Perth, Western Australia. HIs experience includes:

• National Archives of Australia: 2002-2006 – Databases, EDMSs, Film, Image, Sound, Immigration Records, History etc.
• Current Department MRWA 2006->: THE EDMS Administrator: TRIM Administration, providing technical expertise, advices, management, planning and other advices on information management and integration issues, integrating best practices across the Government Agency
• Wrote the EDMS Administration Manual, TRIM Infrastructure / Architecture Diagram / Scheme
• Integrations: Internal and Third Party TRIM Desktop and Web Apps, MS Office etc.
• TRIM Upgrades and TRIM / EDMS evaluation / testing since 2009
• Extensive background in automated records management principles and systems; Develop and utilize appropriate EDMS TRIM manual and automated systems to maintain an integrated global records and information management program
• Developed comprehensive TRIM Admin Console (VBA) for automating the TRIM Administration, processes and TRIM Health in general; developed a standardised TRIM Upgrade Console in VBA documenting processes, resources, environments, tools, accesses etc.
• Write and updates project documentation including system and technical procedures
• Served as a subject matter expert in the development, upgrade and integration projects
• Expert in Data Migrations
• Technical TRIM Training/Support skills
• Proficient Problem Solving Skills
• Currently, working on a solution for automated (but WEB Based) TRIM Administration processes
• Study/Education: Australia: IT Diploma, Certificates, Business Management, other IT courses; Europe: Technical Draftsman (Mechanical Engineering)
• Not work : Maintaining our Soccer Team’s DATABASE, videos, results, statistics, players, registrations etc. 20 years and 10 TB data, video editing and presentations.
• Made first website back in June 1996.


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