Sebastijan Sef


Community username: sebastijan
Hometown: Smarje Sap, Slovenia 

Software skills: Access Manager, Identity Manager, SSPR, Advanced Authentication, eDirectory

My first encounter with computers was in the mid-80s when I was in elementary school. I got ZX Spectrum for my birthday (remember the rubber keyboard). This was the time of BASIC, loading programs from a cassette recorder and endless adjustments to the cassette recorder’s recording header. Every evening at 7 pm I was waiting in front of a cassette recorder since the local radio station was broadcasting new programs every evening.

At the beginning of the 90s, I got my first PC clone (Commodore PC-10), after my father replaced it with a better 80286 computer, and not much longer I bought my first modem. That was the time of BBSs and later FidoNet. Those message boards were my first encounter with sharing knowledge with persons over long distances, similar to today’s community forums.

I started working with Micro Focus products (well, Novell at that time) with my first job in the mid-90s. Job started on April 1st, so everything else must have been a consequence of April Fools’ Day... Blush

I have started with Netware 3 (bindery), continued with later versions of Netware with NDS and eDirectory, lived through changes from print queues, NDPS toward iPrint, in meantime configured some Application Launchers and later ZENworks. I absolutely loved NetStorage and iFolder.

In 2004 I decided it was time to take on some additional responsibility, so I founded my own consulting company together with my colleagues. The company was a Novell partner from the beginning and at that time focused primarily on SLES, NetWare/OES services, and ZENworks. A few years later we focused more on Access and Identity management.

Currently, we have in total 7 employees and support a wide range of Micro Focus products from former Novell and NetIQ.


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