Security Idea Exchange FAQs

  • General & Registration 

    1. What is Idea Exchange?

    Idea Exchange is our platform for users to submit their ideas / enhancements and help shape our product roadmap. 

    Users can submit their ideas, vote for, and comment on existing ideas and help define the solution. Ideas with the threshold vote are evaluated by Product Managers and considered for implementation. Ideas are open to all and status is visible at all times so it provides transparency, which fosters greater collaboration among customers, partners and internal experts in shaping the product roadmap 

    1. How do I register and create an account?

    For registration all you need to create an account are: your email address, a login name, a password, and answers for a few typical security questions. For detailed instructions, click here. [this will link to get started document] 

    1. Do I need to log in to use Idea Exchange?

    Idea Exchange is an open forum. Anyone can view ideas, even without logging in. However, if you want to submit an idea, vote for, or comment on ideas, you must log in with your credentials. 

    If you do not have an account, you can create one with your email address, a login name, a password, and answers for a few typical security questions. For detailed instructions, click here. [this will link to get started document] 

    Idea Submission & Tracking 

    1. Are there any guidelines on how to submit an idea?

    Yes, there are a few idea submission guidelines: 

    • Search the community before submitting a new idea. 
    • Draft your idea. To help everyone else in the community really understand what you’re suggesting, explain your idea in detail, be sure to include your rationale and your perspective of value. The more we know about your idea – who it’s for, what the motivation is, and what the actual item is, the more accurate we’ll be when it comes time to prioritize and size it. 

    Enter your idea using the template below: 

    • Brief Description 

                                  Briefly describe your idea 

    • Benefits / Value 

                                  Explain why is this important? (When used, by which role, and benefits / value) 

    • Design details 

                                  Explain how you would like this idea designed / implemented 

    1. How do I post an idea?

    To post your idea: 

    • Go to the idea exchange where you want to post an idea. 
      Tip:It's a good idea to search the idea exchange first to make sure that someone else hasn't already posted the same idea. 
    • Click the white box that says “NEW” on the top right. 
    • Type an Idea Subject and the body of your idea. 
      You can use simple HTML, format the text, or add links or images.  
    • Choose a label from the list on the right side of the page. Labels make it easy to find related or similar ideas. 
    • (Optional) Add one or more tags. 
    • Click Post. 

      6. How do I vote for an idea I like?

Open the Idea and click on the ^ arrow to vote for it.   

  • 7. What do idea statuses mean?

    Micro Focus Product Managers update the status of an idea to communicate with you about where the idea stands. Generally, ideas would move through the stages described below: 



    New Idea 

    All ideas begin in this status. New ideas are available for other community members to view, comment and vote on. 

    Waiting for votes 

    The idea has received an initial review to ensure adherence to our idea submission and community guidelines. More information may be needed at this stage and we expect the community to help prioritize the idea with comments and voting. 

    Needs Clarification 

    Ideas in this status need more information, detail or clarification. 

    Under Consideration 

    Ideas in this status have received enough votes and comments from the community and been reviewed by Micro Focus for strategic fit. These ideas are continually monitored and considered for prioritization in our development planning. 


    The idea has received enough votes and comments from the community and been reviewed by the Micro Focus product team. It is officially on the roadmap for development and delivery. (Subject to change, and not a commitment.) 


    Ideas in this status have already been submitted by another community member. See the idea comments for a link to the duplicate and add your comments and vote there. 


    Ideas that have not received enough community comments or votes for several months will move to this status. Archived ideas may be commented upon but may not receive votes. Archived ideas may be re-opened based on community input. 

    Already Offered 

    This status indicates that the desired feature or enhancement is already available in some fashion through the product today. Check the comments for details on workarounds or documentation references. 


    These ideas are not being considered for product development due to strategic fit or technical feasibility within a reasonable timeframe. Keep the new ideas coming. 


    The idea has been implemented and delivered in a product release. Check the idea comments for details on the release version. 

    1. Will the product team respond to every idea?

    Every idea will get a preliminary review, strictly for adherence to the submission guidelines. Then, the ideas with high community support (votes) will be assessed for alignment to the product plan and product roadmap.  

    1. How to get a full list of ideas I submitted?

    All your ideas posted can be accessed via your profile page. You can access that by clicking your avatar in the top right. Under the Activity tab, you will see all of your posts.  

    You can also search for a particular idea by searching for the Idea’s ID. 

    1. How do I follow or subscribe to the ideas I am interested in?

    You can join the specific product Idea Exchange you are interested in to receive notifications. When you visit the product’s Idea Exchange for the first time, you will notice a bar that will invite you to join and receive notifications. If you submit an idea, you are automatically part of the Idea Exchange and will receive notifications. You can customize your subscription and notification settings by clicking on your avatar and then selecting “settings” 

    1. Can Micro Focus employees submit and vote on ideas?

    Micro Focus employees can submit ideas. If you are entering an idea, remember to use your MF email address, remove any customer identifying information, follow the submission guidelines, and keep comments external facing. 

    If Micro Focus employees submit an idea on behalf of a customer, please ask the customer to vote on the idea so we know the customers that are interested and the customer should also subscribe to changes so they’re alerted of the progress. 

    Micro Focus employees are not recommended to vote on ideas, as we would like to understand the community interest rather than internal. Micro Focus votes have lower weightage as compared to customer votes so it is always advisable to customers to vote themselves. 

    1. What are the vote threshold criteria, 1 company 1 vote or 1 user 1 vote?

    Every user can vote once on every idea posted. But if the idea passed the vote threshold only because one company had many votes and/or internal votes, moderators may re-consider the common value of this idea, as votes is for the community to find out ideas with common values. 

    1. Will all top voted ideas be accepted and planned?

    We cannot guarantee that. All ideas with high community support (votes) will be assessed for alignment to the product roadmap. 

    1. Whom do I contact if I need further information on a specific idea?

    You can send private email to your community moderators who are our Product Managers for further discussion or information. 

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