Idea Exchange General Overview

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Idea Exchange Overview

Idea Exchange is the crowdsourcing platform where customers submit ideas, vote on them, and collaborate with peers to improve and innovate Micro Focus products.

Your ideas are important to us and we take them seriously. Before you get started, make sure you review the following:

  1. Search the community: Before submitting a new idea, always look for existing submissions.
  2. Draft your idea: To help everyone else in the community really understand what you’re suggesting, explain your idea in detail. Include the rationale and perceived value. The more we know about your idea - who it’s for, what the motivation is, and what the actual item is, the more accurate we’ll be when it comes time to prioritize and size it.

Essential elements for every submission:

  • Brief Description: Briefly describe your idea
  • Benefits/Value: Explain why is this important? (When used, by which role, and benefits/value)
  • Design details: Explain how would you like this idea designed/implemented

And finally, don’t forget to fulfill your civic duty and VOTE for those items you like and agree with by giving the idea a Like/Vote/Kudos.


Idea Status Definitions

Every idea has merit – we’ll endeavor to review each one in a timely manner and put it through the paces to determine community and customer value, viability, and fit.

Generally ideas will move through stages described below.

New Idea

All ideas begin in this status. New ideas are available for other community members to view, comment and vote on.

Needs Clarification

The idea has received an initial review, but the moderator needs more details from the submitter.

Waiting for votes

The idea has received an initial review to ensure adherence to our idea submission and community guidelines. More information may be needed at this stage and we expect the community to help prioritize the idea with comments and voting.

Under Consideration

Ideas in this status have received enough votes and comments from the community and been reviewed by Micro Focus for strategic fit. These ideas are continually monitored and considered for prioritization in our development planning.


The idea has received enough votes and comments from the community and been reviewed by the Micro Focus product team. It is officially on the roadmap for development and delivery. (Subject to change, and not a commitment.)


Ideas in this status have already been submitted by another community member. See the idea comments for a link to the duplicate and add your comments and vote there.


Ideas that have not received enough community comments or votes for several months will move to this status. Archived ideas may be commented upon but may not receive votes. Archived ideas may be re-opened based on community input.

Already Offered

This status indicates that the desired feature or enhancement is already available in some fashion through the product today. Check the comments for details on workarounds or documentation references.


These ideas are not being considered for product development due to strategic fit or technical feasibility within a reasonable timeframe. Keep the new ideas coming.


The idea has been implemented and delivered in a product release. Check the idea comments for details on the release version.


Idea Lifecycle





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