Privileged Account Manager Idea Exchange FAQs


1.    Does Idea Exchange replace the current Enhancement Request (ER) process through Support?
Yes. We ask that you log all ideas in Idea Exchange. Our Tech Support team can assist if need be, but the goal is that you submit your ideas so that we know who suggested the idea and how to connect with you.

2. What will happen to the ERs currently in SSO (Software Service Online)?
For ERs already committed to customers, they will continue on the release roadmap. They may or may not be moved into Idea Exchange. Product Managers will review the current ERs and select ideas to seed idea Exchange. For the remaining ERs, we will make them inactive in SSO and not migrate to Idea Exchange. If you do not see your ER and would like it to be considered, please log it in the Idea Exchange.

3. Do I need to resubmit my previously logged Enhancement Request (ER)?
Product Managers have reviewed the existing list of ERs and have populated Idea Exchange with some of the most common requests – take a look and support your favorites (with votes).  If you don’t see your #1 idea you may want to add it to see what the rest of the community thinks about it.

4.    Will the product team respond to every idea?
Every idea will get a preliminary review, strictly for adherence to the submission guidelines. Then, the ideas with high community support (votes) will be assessed for alignment to the product plan and product roadmap. Please review our submission guidelines and review process for more information.

Registration & Login
5.    How do I register and create an account?
For registration all you need is an Access Manager account. If you do not have an Access Manager account, you will need your email address, a login name, a password, and answers for a few typical security questions. Simply click Register from the community homepage.

Idea Submission & Tracking
6.    Who can submit an idea?
Community members can submit ideas to the Idea Exchange. Simply register on the community and be sure to be logged in to submit an Idea.

7.    Is there a guidance document on how to submit an idea?
Please review our submission guidelines and review process for detailed guidance.

8.    How can I track ideas submitted by my company?
Customers may want to create an account using their company email address and submit all ideas under that account. An advantage is that updates will go to that team, and not an individual who may have left the company. Idea tags may also be leveraged to track ideas.

9.    How to get a full list of ideas I submitted?
All your ideas posted can be accessed via your profile page. You can access that by clicking your username in the top right, it shall give you all your info – your profile details, ideas posted, voted, commented, etc.

10.    How do I follow or subscribe to the ideas I am interested in?
You can manage your Subscriptions & Notifications under your profile settings in – My Subscriptions. There are various options to subscribe to new topics, replies to your posts, etc.

11. Whom do I contact if I need further information on a specific idea?

You can send private email to your community moderators who are our Product Managers for further discussion or information:



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