What is a Tag?

A tag is a single keyword or phrase that describes the topic, theme, or subject of a post. You can add as many tags as you want and so can other community members. For example, in a post about switch firmware, you might add these tags: A5820X, firmware v5.20, R1810, Release Notes.

Note: be sure to use commas between tags!

What is a Tag Cloud?

A tag cloud displays tags used frequently within the Community or within an specific area of the Community. The more frequently a tag is used, the larger it appears in the tag cloud and you can get a sense of what the hot topics are in a given area.



















What Can I Do with Tags?

Tagging is a way to help other users discover interesting posts. It's also a way to organize content in the community that you think is related. When you apply tags to a post, you add to the value by providing another way for people to find it.

How Do I Tag?

  • Navigate to an interesting post or comment and scroll to the bottom of the page. You should see labels and tags display above the "Leave a Comment" box.
  • Click in the tag icon to add a tag. Remember to seperate each tag with a comma!AddTAG.PNG


  • Click "Add"




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