The Future of ZENworks Architecture, Oct. 20


Speakers: Harinath Jarugula, Srijith Kochunni, Vikram Goyal


ZENworks suite of products has been growing for a long time, in terms of customer deployments and several releases. The diversity of features, modern management paradigms and the challenges of scale and performance have all been growing along with it. The hardware and maintenance costs and the need in the future for having a cloud offering are all factors that are making it essentially necessary for the ZENworks Architecture to transform to meet the needs of the future. This session explains the transformative changes that are happening gradually to migrate ZENworks from a Monolith Server Architecture to a more dynamic, scalable, loosely coupled and cloud-friendly micro services architecture. It also goes on to elucidate the broad roadmap of how this is achieved with details of the immediate changes that are forthcoming in the upcoming ZENworks releases and how they are all steps in the direction of the future of ZENworks.



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