Introduction to ScanCentral SAST configuration and scan analysis, April 6


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Introduction to ScanCentral SAST configuration and scan analysis


ScanCentral SAST is an automated security tool which can be used to scan code on most major programming platforms. With SAST, scan code analysis tasks can be offloaded from their build machines to a cloud of machines (sensors). Static analysis automation with SC SAST can extend the SCA (Static Code Analyzer) capabilities to the next level by performing multiple vulnerability scans at once. During this SAST session, we will present the Static Application Security Testing (SAST) and explain how to involve ScanCentral SAST in code analysis. ScanCentral will be presented with all involved components and basic configurations to get ready for scanning. Ultimately, vulnerability result options for audit and reporting will be explained.   

Speaker: Dobromir Todorov Todorov


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