SecOps - Log Management by Recon, March 2nd


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SecOps - Log Management by Recon, March 2nd

ArcSight Recon as comprehensive log management and search solution that enables security professionals to search, analyze, and visualize machine-generated data gathered from web sites, applications, sensors, and devices that comprise your monitored network. Recon indexes the events from your data source so that you can view and search them. Non-stop security compliance and eases compliance burdens and accelerates forensic investigation for security professionals. Unifies storage, reporting, investigation and analysis of elusive unknown threats Cost-effective long term data storage. Ingest and search through billions of events in seconds. Built-in analytics and guidance. Recon helps SOC analysts gain a deeper understanding of alerts across their organization and plays an important role in ArcSight’s mission to deliver powerful layered analytics.

Speaker: Radhakrishnan M., SEC Enablement



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