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While adopting DevOps to accelerate the application release cycle, many organizations have been using real production data to make sure that the testing of their applications is relevant and captures the variety of use cases they may have. Production data inevitably includes sensitive personal data.

Data privacy laws (such as GDPR, CCPA, or KVKK) are now prohibiting such approaches and obligating companies to protect citizen data even when consumed internally. Some organizations sub-contract their testing, Quality Assurance (QA), and training processes to third parties located in different countries and expose citizen data to non-authorized users. Such practices are automatically non-compliant with data privacy laws.

To enable data privacy, businesses need to ensure that every data element is identified, classified, and protected according to the population of users and policies. Considerations must be made for data across all environments. Whether a customer’s personal data is in a production database, an archive, or a test database, a data breach will still affect that person, and trigger non-compliance fines and penalties for the business. 

Join this session to know more about CyberRes Secure and Compliant TDM solution, which addresses the privacy governance needs of enterprises with sensitive structured data. It provides a single solution for sensitive data discovery, extraction, and anonymization, to deliver test data that closely matches production data, and is compliant with data privacy regulations.

Speaker: Rajni Kant Upadhyay,  SEC Enablement


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