How to Create and Publish a Tips & Information Article

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Every Community member is invited to contribute to this knowledge base by writing an article, nominating helpful posts you find in the Community, and/or adding comments to the existing articles. This knowledge base is a resource developed and monitored by Community members to benefit potential, new, and existing users. Join with us in the effort and become a content contributor or moderator!

To jump right in, see the, "How to Create and Publish a Tips & Information Article in the Community" section below, otherwise keep reading:

About the Knowledge Base

What is a Knowledge Base?

A knowledge base (also called a tribal knowledge base) is a collection of articles that captures and organizes helpful Community information and are a great resource for several reasons:

  • You can search for specific knowledge base articles or use special navigation links that let you browse through the Community's knowledge bases.
  • After you find an article, you can add your comments.
  • Articles can contain some of the same rich media as other posts, including images and attachments.
  • Each article contains lists of contributors and related links.

Contributors could be Community members whose posts or comments are used in the article, authors who put the article together, or editors who reviewed or refined it. Related links take you to posts used in the article or other posts authors thought you might find helpful or interesting, including forum messages, blog articles, and ideas

How Do I Nominate Content for a Knowledge Base?

If you find great community material (helpful questions and answers or just plain useful information) you can nominate it as a knowledge base article. The people responsible for the Community's knowledge base evaluate your nomination; if it's accepted, knowledge base authors can use it as the basis for a knowledge base article.

To nominate content:

  1. Go to the topic you want to nominate.
  2. Click Topic Options > Nominate to Knowledge Base.

 Any questions? Please get back to the community folks!

How to Create and Publish a Tips & Information Article in the Community

1.0   Prerequisites

  • Please ensure you are logged into the Community site.
  • Log-in via the "Sign In" link on the right top of any Community page:pic1.jpg
  • From the Community page, navigate to the relevant product's knowledge base page by clicking in a neighborhood or “Select Product” from the top left of the homepage.
  • For this example, we will create a Tips & Information article for the Micro Focus Access Manager product. This can be reached by clicking on “Select Product” on the top left of the homepage or under the Security Neighborhood. From the Micro Focus Products page, select one.
  • Or, you may also navigate to any product page and click the Tips & Information tile in the grey subheader.pic4.jpg

2.0    Writing a New Tips & Information Article

2.1    Article Creation

Click on the blue box, “Create an article.”pic5.jpg

Here you will be able to select a template for your article, which determine the sections and layout for your article. You may choose from freeform, questions and answers, solution, or how to; then click the blue box, “Start Article.” For the purposes of this article, we will use the “Freeform” option as an example.


2.2.      Article Title

The title field should contain a short, clear description of the article.


2.3    Article Body

  • The body field will contain the bulk of the Tips & Information article.
  • The article’s body can be viewed in three ways: Rich Text, HTML, and Preview.
  • Editing in “Rich Text” mode, provides a WYSIWYG interface, with the typical formatting tools (bold, italics, etc.) Additional tools, which may be of use, include inserting links, pictures, video, and code (by clicking on the available icons highlighted in yellow).pic8.jpg
  • Editing in “HTML” mode gives direct access to the article’s underlying HTML code, allowing more fine-grained control over the format.
  • The “PREVIEW” mode allows the user to view the resultant article.

2.4    Teaser

The “Teaser” field can be used to give a brief summary of the article. This is displayed under the body text box (click on the triangle next to “Teaser” to open or close this field).


2.5    SEO Options

These Search Engine Optimization (SEO Options) fields are not required for Tips & Information articles. Please ignore these options.

2.6    Attachments

Files can be attached to the article, click browse and locate the file you would like to attach.


Permissible file types are as follows:

  • arb
  • gif
  • jpg
  • lzt
  • mp4
  • pdf
  • png
  • zip

 2.7   Subscribe

Selecting the “Email me when someone replies” box ensures an email is sent to you if someone comments on the article. This useful option allows the article's writer to engage in (public) discussions with the Community.

2.8    Labels

Administrators can define a set of pre-defined labels. Additionally, article writers can have permission to create their own labels for each article. Different teams may have different policies around the use of labels. Please discuss with the team's manager for details of that team's labelling policies.


2.9 Table of Contents

To add a table of contents to an article, use the H1, H2, H3 tags.  When finished click the Table of Contents button on the editor and the TOC will automatically generate when published. 

3.0    Saving a Tips & Information Article

At any stage in the writing process, the user can save their article by hitting the “Save” button located at the bottom of the page. This saves the article as a draft.


The next time you log into the Community, you will received a yellow highlighted message alerting you of a saved article. You may choose to load it and keep working on it or you may choose to discard the draft.


You may also go to your profile, after logging into the Community, and find saved articles under “Drafts” or follow the instructions in Section 4.0 Editing a Draft Tips & Information Article.

4.0      Editing a Draft Tips & Information Article

To edit a draft, first navigate to the product's Tips & Information page. Then, click the “Options” button, then the "Knowledge Base Article Dashboard” option.


This will bring you to the Tips & Information dashboard. Click on the article in the "DRAFTS" tab of the Knowledge Base Article Dashboard.


Click the "Edit article" button at the bottom of the page.

5.0      Submitting a Tips & Information Article for Review/Publication

Once you are satisfied the article is complete, submit if for review (subject to the individual teams’ processes). To submit the article, click the “Request review” button at the bottom of the page.


Request review will save the article to the “DRAFTS FOR REVIEW” tab, which is visible to users with review\publish permissions; note: if you do not have permission to review\publish articles, you will not be able to see this tab.

6.0      Reviewing/Publishing a Knowledge Base Article

After a Community Manager reviews your article and approves it for publication, it will appear in the Community. Please allow 1 to 3 business days for the review process to be completed.



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