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over 1 year ago

The Micro Focus Community ties into the Micro Focus single sign-on system which allows customers and users to use one account to login to multiple Micro Focus systems.   




When you select "Sign In" from the Community site, you're taken out of the community application to the Micro Focus Login system which handles your login credentials and account information.  Once you login there, the system brings you back to the Community as a verified and logged in user. 


When you are on the login page, select "Create an Account"


Fill out the CREATE ACCOUNT form.  Your security question/answer can be used to reset your password later, if necessary.  Be sure to leave the Anti-SPAM field blank, then click the CREATE LOGIN button at the bottom. 


You will then be taken to a successful account creation page. Pay particular attention to the information about validating your email and please, validate your email before attempting to login to the community site or you will not be able to access the community without clearing an unvalidated session cookie.  Once you've validated your email address, press the CONTINUE button:


At that point, you'll be taken back to the login page where you can now sign into the Community with the account you just created where you'll be prompted to select a "Screen Name".  This screen name must be unique in the community and will display on any post you create in the Community. 


Once you've entered your desired screen name, click SUBMIT and you'll be taken back to the Community site as a verified and logged in user.    From that point on, when you visit the Micro Focus Community site and click SIGN ON, you can just enter your login ID and password and be good to go. 

NOTE: Your login ID and Password are not stored on the community site.   Micro Focus login uses a token to pass to the Community software to sign you in. 


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