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over 2 years ago

Because of company consolidations and mergers, Micro Focus has been consolidating communities from various places into this single site.  That included moving user accounts.  Sometimes account problems arise.  Read on:

  1. If this is the first time you have tried to login since the switch to the new login system or the migration of another community site, follow these instructions:
    • You need to create a new Micro Focus single sign-on login account HERE if you don't already have one. The following steps are important:
      • Use the same email address used in the old site, or your accounts won't synchronize and we'll have to do some work to get it straightened out for you. 
      • Be sure that, after you create your account, you verify your email address before trying to access the community or you will get an error that your email is still unvalidated and you'll have to clear your "microfocus"cookies to get in after your email address is validated. (If your old email address is no longer valid, contact us (link below) and we can manually validate and get it updated for you.)
      • If you want your login ID to match your community display name, make sure the login ID is the same
      • In some cases, your login ID may already be taken in which case you'll need to use another login ID.  It's not a problem. It doesn't have any impact on what your display name is,  just your login process. 
    • If you are a legacy Cool Solutions (WordPress) or Micro Focus Forums (vBulletin) user, you shouldn't have to create a new account, but because we matched migrated accounts up with SSO IDs you need to ensure you login with the same credentials used in the legacy systems.
  2. If you keep getting prompted to verify your email address even after you verified it:
    • It's likely because your first login attempt  to the community was with an unverified account which set your session cookie.   Usually closing and reopening your browser fixes it.  If not, clear your "" cookies. 
  3. If you have any other account or login related issues not addressed above:
    • If you have any other community account related issues or the above is not working for you, dang!  Hate it when that happens.  No worries!  We can fix it. Please CONTACT US and we can help you get it sorted. 


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