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Micro Focus is launching new websites:

As we take a phased approach to this change, your transition effective date depends on which portal you have been using:

Previous Portal Transition Date
MySupport (Software Support Online) 21-Jun-2021
Software Entitlement (SE) 21-Jun-2021
SupportLine 18-Jan-2021
Customer Center 18-Jan-2021
Attachmate My Support and Downloads 18-Jan-2021

These changes provide a new foundation and enable us to focus resources to serve you more effectively.

Our full playlist of support videos can be found here. To learn more or check out any of our individual video guides, check out our new offerings below: 




Customer Portal - General Navigation

General navigation overview of the Micro Focus Customer Portal.

Customer Portal - Login and Access

This module covers the portal login to access the support portal and new account creation if you are new to the site and do not have a Micro Focus account.

Customer Portal - Knowledge Content Search Overview

Overview of the knowledge search functions within the Customer Portal to help you solve problems more quickly with information already available on the site.

Customer Portal - Chat Feature

How to engage in a chat service with a Micro Focus service agent. Multi-language is available.

Customer Portal - New Case Creation

A basic concept of opening a new Micro Focus support case.

Customer Portal - Existing Case Management

A basic concept of viewing and managing your existing Micro Focus support case.

Customer Portal - How to Share Files with Support

A basic concept of uploading files to support via a Micro Focus secure and encrypted file transfer system.

Customer Portal - Entitlement and Asset Management Overview

A basic concept of viewing your support entitlements and assets you have purchased from Micro Focus.

Customer Portal - Flexible Credits Overview

A basic concept of viewing and managing your Flexible Credits, if you have this type of software entitlement.

Customer Portal - Delegated Admin and User Access Overview

Understanding the Delegated Admin at your site, what permissions they have and how to control who can use your support entitlements.

Customer Portal - Manage Your Email Notifications

How to manage your email notifications to stay current, including new product offerings, product updates and patches, and security alerts.

Customer Portal - Manage Your Profile Settings

How to manage and edit the information associated with your login.

Customer Portal - Accessing the Software License and Download (SLD) Portal

Introduction to logging in to the SLD portal from the Customer Portal.

A more in-depth training is available via Software Fulfillment Training. Software Fulfillment Training

Customer Portal - Additional Help and Resources

Access additional help and resources

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