Knowledge Document: How to update product and license version in SLD (Software/Licenses/Downloads)



SLD Portal


A product and the corresponding license need to be updated to a newer version.


1. Log into the SLD Portal

2. Click on "Entitlements" at the top, just below the grey bar

3. Find the product to be updated in the list - PLEASE NOTE: The product to be updated has to be under maintenance.

4. Click on the Product Name.

5. For product update: In the top part, "View Entitlement Details", you will now see a list of versions. The one you are currently using will show a number in the "Activated Quantity" column, and the others will show "0".

6. Clicking on the "Download" button will take you to the Downloads screen for the version selected.

7. For license update: Below the "View Entitlements Details" section, you find the license part "View Transaction Details".

8. The current license is shown here. In order to update it, please click on "Update" under "Action".

9. In the next screen, please proceed the same as for activation, enter the target name, select the new version and click "Activation Update".

10. The new license will be emailed to you and also be shown under "Activations" -> target name folder in the SLD Portal.

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