Knowledge Document: What is a temporary license key and when should I use it?



Software Licenses and Downloads (SLD)


On the Software Licenses and Downloads Portal (SLD), the key is automatically generated and available for download for most products. For some products, however, SLD doesn't generate a key right away, but it will be emailed to the user within 48 hours.

Micro Focus software can be activated in two ways:

  • with Locking Information -- a unique identifier from the host machine is used to lock the license to the machine.--> More Details Here
  • with No Locking Information (This Article)-- License files or keys are provided that do not rely on locking information from the host machine.-->More Details Here


  • After performing the activation transaction, this message is displayed

  • The Licensing Support team receives the activation information, generates the key and sends it to the requester within 48 hours.
  • You will receive a temporary key in the meantime.
  • This temporary key is intended for use in new installations only. If you are updating an existing installation, please do not install the temporary key as it will override the existing license. It is recommended to wait for the email with your perpetual key instead.
  • Activated licenses can be viewed on the Activations tab in SLD.

If you have any questions about your license, Contact the Licensing Team. Create a Licensing type case in the support portal OR, if you do not have access to the support portal, email your regional Licensing Team and provide a detailed description of your issue.



Additional Information

For more details on license activation, watch the video Activating, Updating and Rehosting a License Key in SLD, which is part of the Software Fulfillment Training Playlist.

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