Knowledge Document: How to activate, update, rehost licenses and download software in the Software Licenses and Downloads (SLD) Portal



Software Licenses and Downloads


I have purchased software and have received an electronic delivery mail with a link to my products in SLD.

  • How do I activate my license key(s)?
  • How do I download the latest software version for my product?
  • I don't see my products in SLD. How do I get access to them?



Log into SLD Portal ( and click on Contact Us / Self Help on the Home page, (or on the top of any SLD page), to get access to SLD self-help material.

Contact Us / Self Help has self-help information like FAQs, a Quick Start Guide, and links to SLD training videos that explain how to activate, update, rehost licenses and download software. It also has contact information for the License Delivery Center in your region.

Additional Information

If you have any licensing question or issues, email the Licensing Team or create a Licensing type case in the support portal

 If you cannot log into the support portal, please contact Customer Support using the Chat feature on the Support Portal website or by telephone .

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