Knowledge Document: How to subscribe to email notification updates for a specific Change Request (CR), aka "Known Problem" or "Defect"



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The OpenText Process for Change Requests (CRs), also known as "Known Problems" or "Defects", is detailed in KM000028047 .

The progress of a specific active CR can be followed by subscribing to email notifications.

To be notified on all CRs for a product or as new ones are published, subscribe to "Known Problems" as detailed in KM000006003.

Note: Closed CRs (Completed, Closed-no change, Duplicate) cannot be subscribed to, as no further updates will occur.


Add Email Notifications

  1. Go to the published CR URL of format:
  2. Copy the "Document ID" from the Metadata section as shown below

  1. Select "Subscribe" (button missing? Please refer to the "Additional Information" below)
  2. Select the  "Add Document Notifications" tab as shown below

  1. Paste the "Document ID"
  2. Press "Subscribe"
  3. A message confirming subscription appears


View and Unsubscribe Notifications

  1. On the Support Portal, go to Email Notifications > My Notifications.
  2. Select the "Document Notification" tab to view CRs subscriptions, as shown below.
  3. Select CR(s) to remove by selecting the checkbox on the left.
  4. Click the Unsubscribe button in the upper left.
  5. If your list is long, use the search filter.

Additional Information

Why is there no "Subscribe" button on the CR?
Refresh the page (F5) for v1.5.0/1.5.19 or later.
Cause: An old version of Knowledge Viewer (v1.4.10/1.5.19) is cached in the browser. The version is shown at the bottom of the page.

Why an error can occur on subscribing?

  • If already subscribed to receive email notifications for a specific CR an error will occur.


  • If the CR is closed (Completed, Closed-no change, Duplicate) or is not published an error will occur.

Why an error can occur on going to the CR URL?
An unpublished CR URL will return an error "Failed to get article with Id ...". If Support provided the URL via a case to track the CR, contact them to ensure publication occurs.

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